Relax with a rejuvenating facial, which will leave your skin looking fresh and youthful. Whether we like it or not first impressions count. What we look like has an unconscious effect on others. Technology now enables us to plump up skin, to reduce and even remove lines leaving us looking youthful.

How do they work?

We utilise some systems that deliver amazing rejuvenating results to our clients. The RF8 3-part treatment uses waves that excite the molecular structure with the skin tissues generating heat. This thermal energy stimulates collagen production in the face, tightening and lifting the skin. The vacuum component of the treatment boosts both the lymph and blood circulatory systems by stimulating the underlying structures. This improves skin texture and increases lymphatic drainage, aiding the removal of toxins. Finally the chromatherapy part of the treatment stimulates the skin’s cells to facilitate cell change. Both the red and blue LED lights offer a wide range of benefits.

The SK4 system can encompass
• sonic peel exfoliation
• galvanic to deep cleanse and hydrate
• micro-current to lift and firm
• ultrasound to soothe
and acts as a natural face lift either as a preventative or intensive treatment course.

Electrical Facials

Suitable for men and women age 13 upwards

Galvanic Facial

30 minutes
This deep cleansing and moisturising facial eases away wrinkles, blackheads and spots – incorporating a galvanic current, this treatment is ideal for problem skins.

High Frequency Facial

30 minutes
This is a facial for oily or blemished skin. A high frequency current purifies and tones the skin and dries spots without lotions.

Ultra-Visage Facial

1 hour 15 minutes
Low frequency micro-current allows pain-free facial contouring. Muscles of the jaw, neck and face are uplifted, reducing and smoothing fine lines and wrinkles; and as an added bonus, skin texture and colour are improved due to stimulated blood circulation.

SK4 Luxury Facial

1 hour 45 minutes
A personalized program incorporating sonic peel exfoliation, galvanic to deep cleanse and hydrate, micro-current to lift and firm and ultrasound to soothe. Perfect for all skin types to give a natural ‘face lift’ as a preventive or intensive treatment course.

SK4 Half Facial

45 minutes
Sonic peel deep exfoliation of the skin, galvanic deep cleansing and hydrating.

Thermavisage RF8 Face & Body

Radio Frequency – Vacuum – Colour Therapy
Thermavisage RF8 lifts, tightens and tones the contours of the face & neck. It can also be used on the body to firm and help reduce the apperance of cellulite. It combines RF8 technology with vaccum suction and chromatherapy to give the ultimate in anti-ageing facial care.
RF8 Quick Fix £35
RF8 & Micro Current £65
RF8 & SK4 £70

Pro Densifiance Expert Treatment

1 hour 30 minutes
The ultimate matis signature treatment: firms, tones and densifies. A great anti-ageing facial for 45 years+.

Essential Nutrition Treatment

1 hour 15 minutes
This is a great cocooning treatment for dry skin; unique plush peeling erases dry skin cells while a soft soufflé mask, containing silk proteins brings nutrition for a visibly more beautiful complexion.

Crystal Eye – Eye Contour Treatment

40 minutes
This is an award winning unique eye treatment; formulated to firm, smooth and relax the vulnerable eye area. See the visible difference – put the sparkle back into your eyes.

Absolute Purity Self Heating Treatment

1 hour 15 minutes
A ‘sauna’ treatment designed to deep cleanse, purify and matify a combination skin.

Delicate Treatment

1 hour 15 minutes
A fantastic soothing treatment and a concentrated source of instant lasting comfort and freshness, especially for fragile sensitive skin.

Remineralizing Treatment

1 hour 15 minutes
This mineral treatment enrichment with white clay, rhassoul and precious pearl extract, gently purifies, softens and revitalizes the complexion.

Phyco-Corral Skin Enhancer Treatment

1 hour 15 minutes
A facial that can soothe, restructure, purify, energise and give instant radiance. Exclusively from marine, plant and fruit origin packed with highly concentrated mineral rich actives.

Optional Additional Treatments:
Sonic Peel

Add this to any facial (except Delicate Facial) £6

Exfoliating Peel Off Mask

Add this to any facial for just £6.83

Crystal Eye Treatment

Add this award winning unique eye treatment to any facial for the reduced price of just £22